The Team

Mootassem Elbaba Mootassem Elbaba - Managing Partner


As Managing Partner, Mootassem guides the visual and spatial design, overseeing every aspect of set design, lighting effects, and construction. His expertise lies in the creation of large-scale projects and coordinating the work of multiple design and construction teams; he leads a large in-house team of expert staff and professional trade workers, such as carpenters, metalwork specialists, and fabricators. In early discussions with clients, his natural gift for design and collaboration sensitivity are key assets as he is able to help clients hone and express their ideas, often intuiting their unspoken needs.

Hibah Albakree Hibah Albakree - Managing Partner


As Managing Partner, Hibah, in addition to playing a role in innovating the overall concept design, is the point person for every project, coordinating ideas and information amongst the designers, suppliers, collaborators, and staff. She observes the details of every team member’s progress, ensuring that crucial information is understood by key members working in areas from design to logistics. These formidable organizational and communication skills, allow Hibah to stay abreast of all developments, keeping everyone on a clear path toward the vision. Being in this position, she is able to update clients at any point, giving attention to their needs.

Marwan Maalouf Marwan Maalouf - Lead Architect


Marwan has a strong understanding of historical and contemporary architectural styles, making him an integral asset on the DesignLab Experience team. He designs and directs the many architectural elements that are essential to the environments created in line with clients’ visions. His common language with artists facilitates a strong rapport and creative exchange with our collaboration partners. Many of the exquisite small and large installations and art components can be attributed to Marwan’s strong eye for structural composition.

Carla Carla - Project Manager


Carla studied in Lebenon for a Bachelor’s in Psychology and joined the DLE team in 2010 where she currently serves as Project Manager. Once a project is underway, she gathers all the necessary information, including the design concept, client requests, and material and logistical factors in order to coordinate the teams involved. Carla manages all procurement, sourcing, communication, and logistics, related to event production to bring the project to a successful completion.

Nausheen Nausheen - Creative Head


Nausheen holds a graduate degree in business and a degree in interior architecture from American University in Dubai. After her studies, she pursued a career in various design capacities, including interior residential and commercial design, clothing and fabric design, and photography set up. In 2012, her experiences led her to DLE, where she now serves as Creative Head. She heads visual and design research, looking into numerous references of art, history, architecture, science and culture to gather concepts for every project. Nausheen plays a key role in concept and design development and managing event production.

Edward Edward - Senior Visualizer


Edward holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Planning and is a member of the United Architects of the Philippines. After working for years as a designer and visual artist, he joined DLE in 2006 and is now the Senior Visualizer for the team. He assists in the design development stages for every project and is highly involved in design concept development. Edward oversees critical 3D visuals for the events and interiors that supports the design team in planning and revising.

Mario Mario - Draftsman


Mario holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and worked in the construction industry honing is skills in design and ground up built environments before joining DLE in 2007. He works closely with Managing Partner and Lead Architect Marwan on plans and drawings for projects. His background in construction makes Mario’s presence on-site invaluable as he is able to project and gauge measurements for planning and installation.

Noor Noor - Event Stylist


Noor holds a Bachelor’s in Art & Design from University of Jordan and is versed in animation, painting, and illustration which led her to pursue a career at DLE in 2014 where she serves as Graphic Designer and Event Stylist. She is involved in the styling design process at the conceptualization stage and executes it once the project production begins. Noor designs invitations, creates layouts, coordinates with vendors, and manages the production of all printed materials for the all projects.

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