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We are so honoured and pleased to be featured in the current issue of FRAME Magazine – one of the leading interior design publications! This Amsterdam magazine is respected and known for being the world’s barometer of cutting edge interior design. Our Lucid Dream event received a double page spread… and we could not be more excited. It is so rewarding to be published in FRAME and to be recognised […]

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Lucid Dream… a glimpse inside.

We always strive to create an event that seems effortless and magical, but sometimes giving a glimpse of what really must come together helps you see all we do at DLE! Lucid Dream was an event of massive proportions and artistic collaboration. Months and months of design and prep had to be thought out so we could execute such an elaborate setting in 15 days. As you could imagine, having […]

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Lateefa’s art comes to life.

From the moment we set out for our first meeting with bride to be, Sheika Lateefa Bint Maktoum, we knew we were entering into a creative collaboration that was going to be transcendent and unique. Lateefa is an acclaimed artist well known for her paintings and photographic collage work ( Incorporating the bride’s own artwork into the event design for Lucid Dream was the absolute direction on how to make […]

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See our feature in Ceci Style Magazine

Did you happen to see our feature mention in the on-line Ceci Style Magazine? Follow this link to view the online blog. You can subscribe to CeciStyle using this link

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50 reasons to celebrate

We were very honored to recently have the opportunity to create an event space for the 50th year anniversary for the non-profit organization, Al Nahda. This charitable women’s society is dedicated to empowering women socially and economically through the execution of numerous projects and programs. Since their foundation they have implemented a myriad of development projects in line with Saudi Arabia’s development plans. Some of these projects were in the […]

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