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Lucid Dream… a glimpse inside.


We always strive to create an event that seems effortless and magical, but sometimes giving a glimpse of what really must come together helps you see all we do at DLE! Lucid Dream was an event of massive proportions and artistic collaboration. Months and months of design and prep had to be thought out so we could execute such an elaborate setting in 15 days. As you could imagine, having only 15 days for onsite assembly means there is absolutely no “wiggle room” for anything to stray off schedule. Building out an event of this scale that encompassed 13, 000 m2 and would host 3,500 guests requires a masterful game plan and a team that is working together in harmony.



Our work started off with the construction of the overall structure, the ceilings and walls. Once the structure was in place we could move onto the set up for creating the Swarovski Cloud Formations supervised and led by noted installation artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot. At that same time, we were also building the framework for all our signature the light sticks that would set the mood and vibe around the main room. Sounds simple… well, that breaks down to needing to hang 68,000 Swarovski crystals and installing 16,000 lightbulbs!


Next, we moved on to the bridal stage  and building the orchestra platforms. The basic event space was divided into four zones interlinked with a streaming catwalk and a central bridal stage and the orchestra platform in the foreground. As the core construction elements came together we proceeded to the task of assembling the tables we designed for all the buffet stations and installing the intricate art elements such as the paper cranes, trees, rocks, hanging floral elements and all the planting of the landscape that created the living garden setting. Each zone had its own focal feature, with overhanging clouds installations and individual buffet stations.makingLD_insert6


As we got ever closer to the wedding date, on site rehearsals were conducted for Director Amy Tinkham and her team of dancers, the florists and food stylists were all setting out their tables, and there was a specialized art team taking care of the tableau vivant frames at the entrance, where each installation was a living picture with costumed models that were carefully posed along with staged props to portray some of the characters from the brides own artwork. This event element required a different setup from the main room altogether! Every day the space transformed and moved closer and closer to our vision thanks to our amazing staff and partners. A day before the actual event, the bride Sheika Lateefa Bint Maktoum, came for her walk through rehearsal with all the performers in their costumes… the excitement in the room was truly electric and we could hardly wait for the next day to come!


To learn more, view the video “Lucid Dream… the making of ” click here, or go to our “behind the scene” page.


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