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Lateefa’s art comes to life.


From the moment we set out for our first meeting with bride to be, Sheika Lateefa Bint Maktoum, we knew we were entering into a creative collaboration that was going to be transcendent and unique. Lateefa is an acclaimed artist well known for her paintings and photographic collage work ( Incorporating the bride’s own artwork into the event design for Lucid Dream was the absolute direction on how to make her art “come to life”. The idea generated creative interest and we put our heads together to give a mind-boggling presentation. The discussions soon focused on proposing solutions that were beyond just utilizing projection or placing original art pieces on display.


As we looked over her portfolio of work, several compositions were selected for their narrative quality and the feeling of being immersed within a fantasy setting. Her work possesses a quality that captures a sense of time elapsing before your eyes, showing surreal representations of her observations from her surroundings, combined with elements from her imagination. Features from the bride’s artwork were selected to be interpreted into the event design.


We recreated the bridges, rocks, gardens, cranes and gazelles as part of the event decor and performances. Every event we do requires a team of many talented people to come together and with a client as artistic as herself, we knew the “sky was the limit”. One of those we hired was Amy Tinkham and her team for depicting the visual art through live dance performances. The amazing South African puppeteer Roger Titley was brought on board to create 3 dimensional magical creatures used by the dancers.

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