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Inspiration Abounds…


Ah, weddings, events, environments! We know browsing through photos of grand galas can be a bit like wandering into a jewelry store — there are so many twinkling delights, it’s hard to know where to begin. We hope that this blog can help to convey the thoughtful process and the careful detail that add up to the spectacular.

Our passion for art and design is what drives this company. We want to share that passion! Here we’ll update you on what we are working on, what inspires us, where we feel the trends in event design are leading, and more. We would love to break away to highlight an element here, a thought-process there that creates the wonders we are known for.

We find inspiration everywhere. It’s in the window displays of a stroll down the fashion avenues. It’s in the photos of a new magazine. It’s in the endless discoveries online. We’ll post the most remarkable to help you on that journey from inspiration to uniquely personal concept.


Each project to us is like a new room to design, build, decorate and live in — a momentary work of architecture that weaves together culture, fashion, art, design and even psychology.

Every part of the world comes into play, from the culture, history and creative spirit of our clients, to the collaborations we form with creative artists around the globe. We’ll share the details and the challenges with you.

Ultimately, we hope you come to see that our designs are not constrained to weddings or events, but exist as timeless environments. Whether they appear for one night for a wedding or an event, or for 30 days as for our Madinat Jumeirah project Ramadan Majlis, our environments are intended to delight.

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