UAE National Day

UAE National Day

2018 EVENT SIZE: NA LOCATION: National Museum of Saudi Arabia

In recognition of the UAE’s 47th National Day, DesignLab Experience was invited by the UAE Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to design a majlis space to host dignitaries and guests for the celebration. 

The DesignLab Experience team researched various traditional architectural styles and features found in the emirates, with particular focus on fortresses. 

The installation was set in the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, inspiring us to develop a communication between the two architectures – the architecture of the UAE that we introduced to be transparent, inside the architecture of the museum.  

The entrance area was based on the concept of a gateway, with the windows on the fabric showcasing old photography of various gatherings from the past which showed both rulers from each country, highlighting their relationship throughout the ages. 

Three-dimensional steel frame structures were created to envelop the space covered by perforated fabric to add transparency. Ink tone was intentionally used to represent old blue-print of an architectural drawing.

Lights were positioned to create the impression of beams of sunlight and were installed in a way that simulated and complemented the pre-existing shadow effect of the printing.

UAE National Day
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