2018 EVENT SIZE: NA LOCATION: Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Since it first welcomed guests during the Ramadan of 2011 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, our majlis design has set the standard for luxury Iftar destinations in the region.  Reminiscent of traditional Liwan houses, our design for the seasonal venue centred on a courtyard defined by an arched colonnade. Built on an area of 2,300 square meters inside the Arena, the venue can host more than a thousand guests per service. 

In the spirit of the season, when Iftars and Suhoors are occasions for family, friends, and corporate gatherings, a design solution that catered to various groups was essential. 

In addition to an elevated arched gallery that lent the semblance of a different zone, booth style lounge seating, separated by curtains, offered privacy to families and corporate groups. The four corners of the majlis were designed as large lounge areas, making them ideal for VIP gatherings and bigger groups. The central dining area continued the succession of fragmented floating arches.

Refreshment stations serving salads and desserts were appointed on either sides of the square planned space – akin to the manner in which fountains were traditionally positioned in courtyards. Under the archways buffet stations ran the length of the venue, ensuring excellent service at all times.

Key to our structural response to the venue was its ability to be easily constructed, easily maintained and easily stored away for next year. 

Constructed in steel and composite aluminium panels, the majlis was built on a modular system featuring three configurations repeated throughout the venue. 

Every modular panel – be it for the majlis arches or the colonnade – featured CNC cut patterns inspired by the traditional mashrabiya design. All panels were distinctly numbered and set in place with pre-determined screws – making disassembly just as easy. 

A modular design and construction approach allows for longevity and easy maintenance of the Ramadan Majlis structure, with only the wall panels being ordered afresh each year due to the print wearing during storage. 

All other elements were fabricated and offer quick fix solutions. Each modular panel is composed of tiles – allowing for isolated instances of removal and replacement in case of damage. The furniture is constructed in high quality solid wood and upholstered in wipe-to-clean fabrics.

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