Nov-Dec 2019 EVENT SIZE: 20,000 sqm LOCATION: Ad-Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Designlab Experience was behind the enhancement of the Al Bujairi heritage district, transforming it into a captivating collective setting for Diriyah Season 2019-20. 

Al Bujairi district is rich in history and is well-known for its mud-brick and stone architecture. 

Spaces were strategically activated within the existing landscape to guide visitors on an inspiring walk enriched with culture and design. Boulevards of fine dining restaurants and modern souk areas were integrated with collaborative bespoke installations, such as: 

Studio Precht (Austria) & Arthur Mamou-Mani (London)

Providing an entranceway, the four arches of The Pixel Gate consisted of 2204 3d-printed voxels and used fully biodegradable materials. This installation demonstrated how design can be part of a circular loop by harnessing the potential of recyclable materials and ecological processes.

Sandwaves was the largest sand-printed installation to date. It comprised 56 3d-printed elements that formed a continuous ribbon for people to pass through, relax or socialize. The perforation and the shape of the installation created different shades of transparency along the pavilion. Sandwaves was a manifestation of the kind of innovation that is needed for our time. It used local materials combined with cutting edge technology to create structures that are ecological friendly and respond to a native culture and building traditions.

Studio Toer, multidisciplinary design collective (Netherlands)

Fireflies Fields of Diriyah 

This captivating installation was inspired by the beautiful movement of fireflies. Their glowing bodies in combination with their mesmerizing flight choreography is one of nature’s most dreamy and magical phenomena, which the artists recreated for the guests of Al Bujairi.

Raquel Rodrigo from Arquicostura Studio (Spain)

Blossoming Pillars was an installation which drew on traditional cross-stitch techniques on a grand scale. Nine illuminated columns stood as blooming structures ascending from the grounds of Al Bujairi, through which the artist cast light on the advanced development taking place on this land today.

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