From our event, The Journey

The illuminated tree

For The Journey, an illuminated tree installation was designed to mutually serve function and aesthetics. The grand scale of these structures played a major role in composing and regulating a 9800 square meter event space and captured the grand scale of nature itself. Like trees in a forest, they set a tone by simultaneously serving as the backdrop and the focal point. The breadth of these installations gave the experience of being amongst something magical, majestic.



Each tree measured 25m (length) x 13m (width) x 10m (height). The asymmetrical length and symmetrical width design allowed for versatility in positioning the large trees at various locations, while creating a consistent, yet dynamic space. The more far reaching extensions of the asymmetrical branches facilitated various placements that created movement and continuity from the stationary structure of the tree.


The branches were constructed using 6 different y-shaped, laser-cut, and hollow steel beams that aesthetically served as the anatomy of a tree, opening and cradling a space, all the while functionally encasing the electrical wires for the multiple light fixtures. The branches of each tree extended its reach over the event in natural s-curve formations that contributed to the flawless flow of the trees blending individual areas into the space as a whole.


The multi-layered lighting is truly where function and aesthetic collide. Three types of magnolia-like flower shapes were designed: the closed, half-opened, and fully bloomed blossoms were constructed of a metallic chassis covered with white lycra and lit internally. A berry cluster of exposed soft white light bulbs added yet another layer to contrast and compliment the blossoms. These direct and indirect lights created a reflection off the gold branches which, in turn, casted a soft gilded hue on the light fixtures themselves, giving continuity to the lighted berries and flowers emerging from the golden trunk. The interplay of these dichotomous elements managed to create the effect of a singular illuminating unit, lending itself to the majestic quality of the entire installed space.


Event: The Journey

Date: 2013

Location: Abu dhabi exhibition halls 1,2 and 3, Abu Dhabi

The Journey Tree
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