Manifesting a vision

DesignLab Experience listened carefully while renowned artist Sheika Lateefa observed that their projects made her feel as though she was in one of her art pieces; this key point sparked the vision for Lucid Dream. It’s simple—bring the artwork to life as a concept for this wedding; however, ambitious is never simple. The vision was not just to bring art to life, it was to engineer an immersive environment, a multi-performance, multi-aural, multi-visual, full-sensory experience that translated two-dimensional images and themes from Lateefa’s work so that guests are transported into the art in movement, in objects, in sounds, in vision.

DesignLab set the bar to meet if not to exceed the expectations of such a creative figure as Lateefa, and they have the know-how, experience, and skill to push the envelope of event design. The event was deeply personal for the client and it would be personal for this team as they envisioned a meaningful and unforgettable experience for her and her guests.

The Execution:

Meetings: 100+

Weeks of designing/planning: 6

Months of production: 3

Hours of building: 224

Team members: 600

Dancers: 45

Musicians: 65

Paper cranes: 4000

Light bulbs: 16,000

Swarovski Crystals: 70,000

Days to put it all together: 14

Lucid Dream

To say that the DesignLab team is organized is an understatement. The list above is a fraction of what was involved to make Lucid Dream a reality. This event was built from the ground up as are all of Designlab’s events. From designing pieces to installations, everything was customized and in-house fabricators and methods were used. 

Top-level creative talent were commissioned and flown in from all over the world: sound producers, directors, choreographers, dancers, musicians, floral designers, puppeteers, costume designers. Designlab’s own set, graphic, visual, prop and exhibition design team worked closely with each talent to produce the exact effect, the exact feel, in line with the bigger vision. This project was a feat for everyone involved. To manifest a vision of this scope, the dedicated team managed and collaborated on multiple performance- and art-based productions and environmental elements, leaving no detail unplanned, no assumptions made; every aspect was orchestrated, nothing left to chance.

Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream

Ingenuity is a part of any visionary project, but it is in the execution and knowing how to manage creativity that delivers a project which maintains the integrity of the vision, bringing it to its full potential. With Lucid Dream, DesignLab Experience showed their forte as the designers, directors, and producers of intricate, multi-faceted, grand-scale events. They are like composers and conductors, at once, who not only have to understand music, tone, and rhythm, but who also need to know instrumentation—the sound every instrument makes and how that comes together for a composition.


Event: 3500 guests

Date: 2014

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, hall 6,7,8, Abu Dhabi

Producing Lucid Dream
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