DesignLab Experience specializes in large-scale events for individual and public clients. Our in-house team of designers and architects creates environments that combine advanced technology with refined craftsmanship.

From our offices in Dubai and Beirut, we can produce events anywhere in the world. A global network of trusted suppliers enables us to install custom-designed elements onsite in a timely way.

Our commitment to innovative design is matched by our responsive client service. We thrive on challenges, and we look forward to working with you.



Designlab Events FZ-LLC
Dubai Design District (D3)
Building 09, Floor 04, Premises 401
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T +9715 05591057


Jisr el Basha Main Road
Abi Rached Center 1 st floor
Beirut, Lebanon
T +9611 486516

Visualizing the Possibilities

We begin by listening to your goals and ideas. Then we give our imagination free rein to develop an innovative guiding concept. We illustrate the overall design with detailed sketches.

Designing the Space

Now we finalize all the details that create the space. Project details may include everything from the design and placement of a single light fixture to the complex engineering specifications of an outdoor structure. We consider how the space will look by day and by night, how people will move through it, and how to minimize wear and tear.

Constructing the Project

Onsite, we spend hundreds of hours installing thousands of components that make each project unique. We handpick the expert leader of each team—lighting, carpentry, and welding—and we inspire and guide these professionals every step of the way. The result is a space in which all the details come together to create a harmonious whole.

Orchestrating the Details

After our team members have completed their work, we take a critical look at the entire project. During this final walk-through, we make subtle adjustments in keeping with our client’s expectations. By taking the time to fine-tune every aspect, we ensure a seamless project launch.


Hibah Albakree – Managing Partner
M +9715 05591057
Mootassem Elbaba – Managing Partner
M +9613 661377
Marwan Maalouf – Lead Architect

Designlab Events FZ-LLC operates under the brand name “designlab experience”, a trade mark registered in the United Arab Emirates with registration numbers 220350, 220351, and 220352.Designlab Events FZ-LLC, is a free zone company with limited liability, incorporated and operating under the rules and regulations of Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority with Licenses No. 92140. Designlab Events FZ-LLC and Designlab Events LLC are members of Designlab Events, both operating under the brand name “designlab experience.”

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