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50 reasons to celebrate

We were very honored to recently have the opportunity to create an event space for the 50th year anniversary for the non-profit organization, Al Nahda. This charitable women’s society is dedicated to empowering women socially and economically through the execution of numerous projects and programs. Since their foundation they have implemented a myriad of development projects in line with Saudi Arabia’s development plans. Some of these projects were in the fields of social welfare, family health, special needs, early childhood and cultural artifact preservation. Among the strongest projects in which they continue to contribute are in the fields of human capital development and the promotion of female employment.


Creating an event space that would properly highlight the achievements and efforts was the main message within our design focus. We relayed, through documentaries, videos and lectures the great efforts that the organization has been responsible for. For visual inspiration we used newspaper clippings from the past 20 to 30 years to fill the walls of the entrance. The entrance area and table centerpieces featured silhouettes of women and children engaged in activities, interacting and holding hands together, all expressing the spirit of Al Nahda’s efforts towards promoting education, self empowerment and other skills for women.


We urge you to learn more about Al-Nahda and how women can be active partners in the development of Saudi Arabian society. Go to

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