The Team

Mootassem Elbaba Mootassem Elbaba - Managing Partner


Mootassem Elbaba formerly worked in the theatre, responsible for all aspects of set design and construction, including lighting effects. At DesignLab Experience, he applies his expertise in the creation of large-scale projects, coordinating the work of multiple design and construction teams. Elbaba also takes part in early discussions with clients, responding to their ideas and often intuiting their unspoken needs.

Our work involves learning all about our client’s style and what they hope to achieve—and using our expertise and coordinated efforts to make the vision a reality. It’s one thing to ‘talk big,’ but we are dedicated to ‘doing big.’

Hibah Albakree Hibah Albakree - Managing Partner


Hibah Albakree’s cultured, international background—including sojourns in the United States and Paris—led her to a career doing what she knows best. She founded DesignLab Experience to share her expertise and passion with the world. With her leadership, the company has produced a growing portfolio of innovative designs that have delighted a wide range of clients. Quick-witted and forward-looking, Albakree helps guide the creative team to ensure that every event is a transformational experience.

We offer both the excitement of innovative thinking and the solid values of dedication, consistency, and integrity. Mootassem and I combine our individual expertise to serve DLE’s unique vision.

Marwan Maalouf Marwan Maalouf - Architect


As a child, Marwan used to spend long hours with his father, who had a long career as a painter and scenographer in Beirut. This hands-on experience greatly influences Marwan’s work at DesignLab Experience. Another of his major inspirations is the writings of the postmodern theorists.

Marwan believes that architecture is evolving ever closer to the event industry. The line between the two is blurring, which can be seen in the exquisitely architectural events by DesignLab Experience.

We believe that by thoroughly understanding the styles throughout history, taking a rigorous approach to design, and deeply appreciating the national culture, we can maximize the success of an event’s design and satisfy our increasingly sophisticated clientele.”

Carla Carla - Project Manager


Carla began her DesignLab Experience career in 2009, and specializes in making sure that every aspect of each event is perfectly executed. She manages the design team, the labor team, and coordinates all contact between event venues and suppliers.

Carla’s cool head under pressure and organizational skills make her an invaluable member of the DesignLab Experience team. She’s dedicated to making sure that each event runs smoothly, and is always ready to meet any last-minute request or need.

Edward Edward - Senior Visualizer


Ed began his career 20 years ago as designer for a firm in Manila. After earning a bachelor’s degree as an architect, he practiced as a freelance designer and visual artist. Pre-computers, he crafted everything by hand, which proved to be a valuable foundation for his later work.

I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

— Frank Lloyd Wright

In 2006, Ed began working at DesignLab Experience as a visual artist and is proud to be part of such a prestigious team of event designers. He’s inspired by modern art and architecture with touches of classic details.

Mario Mario - Draftsman


Mario hails from Manila, Philippines, and has been with DesignLab Experience since 2007. As the design assistant, he works with the team’s senior designers to create floor plans, furniture layouts, and site surveys.

Less is more.

From proposals to on-site works, Mario sees a particular event concept through from the drawing board to its creation and final effect, and is always amazed at the collective efforts put into each and every project. He draws his inspiration from Art Deco and Zen elements.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Nausheen Nausheen - Creative Director


With a graduate degree in business studies in 2002, in 2004 Nausheen took a leap of faith and shifted her career path to her true passions, art and design, studying interior architecture with a special interest in furniture design at the American University in Dubai.

Nausheen joined Designlab experience in 2012 and since then has been consumed by the need to explore, has a keen eye for detail and is a stickler for perfection. Also an avid traveler, Nausheen enjoys keeping abreast of new developments in the industry and capturing architectural nuances with her camera.

I draw inspirations from people’s stories, from street life, and from the ultimate source of inspiration—nature. I believe the designs we deliver should speak to the guests, involving them not only aesthetically, but also emotionally, experientially, and sensorially.

Noor Noor - Event Stylist


Noor is DesignLab Experience’s in-house event stylist with a passion for baking and creative table designs.

Desserts are everyone’s guilty pleasure, and make me feel like a kid again. They are magical, and more importantly, they’re chemistry made beautiful.

Due in part to her major sweet tooth, Noor discovered her love of baking at a young age, often experimenting with new types of tasty treats for family and friends. Her background in design led her to work with dessert catering companies across Amman to transform their tables from monotonous to enchanting.

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